The Broadest Bundle of Environmentally Responsible Products on the PlaneT

We’ve been at this for over 30 years, and the one thing that has remained constant during that time is our commitment to creating and maintaining a product mix that balances environmental credibility, performance, economics, and market needs. That can be a tough balance to strike at times, particularly as factors like technology, regulatory requirements, and composter needs shift.


Made from renewable resources.

A GreenStripe cold cup made with PLA plant-based plastic is an example of a product in our GreenStripe line


All GreenStripe products are made from renewable resources like sugarcane, bamboo, corn, and tree fiber. Other features of individual products may include (please visit detail pages for product specific information):


  • Meet ASTM standards for compostability
  • BPI-Certified compostable in commercial facilities only, which may not exist in your area
  • CMA Approval
  • Vanguard® molded fiber items have no-added PFAS
  • Not always hot food friendly – check for the hold or cold icon to match the right products with your needs
Plant-Based Plastic
Molded Fiber
Plant-Based Plastic

GreenStripe® Categories


Made from post-consumer recycled content.

A BlueStripe cold cup made with PLA plant-based plastic is an example of a product in our BlueStripe line


All BlueStripe products are made from “Post-Consumer” recycled materials. This is a critical distinction, as many products claiming to be made from “recycled” materials are made from “pre-consumer” or “post-industrial” materials that do not support recycling markets by driving end-market demand. 

The other critical distinction to make is that NONE of these products are compostable, and they should never be put in compost bins. Other features include:


  • Made from post-consumer materials that have been used, recycled, and repurposed, meaning fewer virgin resources are required and less landfill waste is created
  • Making new products from post-consumer recycled materials helps drive recycling markets and infrastructure
  • Products always incorporate the highest amount of post-consumer recycled material possible without compromising performance
  • Same performance as conventional items made from virgin materials
  • Like almost all foodservice packaging, BlueStripe items are not recyclable in a majority of communities
  • NOT compostable
Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic
Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic
Post-Consumer Reycled Paper