Tax Exemption

As a tax exempt business, you are entitled to have taxes waived on your order upon validation of your tax exempt certificate.

To verify your Tax Exempt status:

      1. Submit your tax exemption documentation to Eco-Products
      2. Place your order online. Your order will show taxes but we will remove them once your tax exempt status is verified.
      3. In the delivery comments field, please enter the words "Tax Exempt."
      4. Submit your order.
      5. Please feel free to contact with your order # if you have additional questions.
Your order will be placed in a pending status while your tax forms are validated. The Order will not be fully charged, only authorized.
Once your tax exempt status is validated, your account will be set to "Tax Exemption" and taxes on your order will be waived. At this point your order will be fully processed. As long as your tax exempt status remains active, no orders will include taxes.