World’s leading delivery platform will provide restaurants with plant-based, no-PFAS-added packaging

Posted by Eco-Products on Jul 7th 2021

BOULDER, Colo. – Delivery Hero SE, one of the world’s leading local delivery platforms, is partnering with Eco-Products® to launch a new global Sustainable Packaging Program.

Delivery Hero will be providing Eco-Products’ groundbreaking new line of plant-based plates and clamshells that can be composted. Called VanguardTM, the line is made from sugarcane — a renewable resource — and uses propriety compounds to achieve grease resistance without the addition of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Eco-Products has patents pending on the new formulation.

Restaurants in Austria, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Qatar, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates will soon benefit from high-quality sustainable packaging from Delivery Hero.

“Becoming more sustainable is an important part of Delivery Hero’s ambition to build a company that future generations can be proud of,” said Niklas Östberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Delivery Hero. “By taking responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint through sustainable packaging, Delivery Hero aspires to pave the way for the industry and deliver a more climate-friendly service for customers and communities around the world.”

The sales of sustainable packaging will first be made available to restaurants in eight markets via Delivery Hero’s local brands such as foodpanda, mjam, PedidosYa and talabat. Delivery Hero plans to expand the program to more regions in the future.

The company is partnering with Eco-Products to provide a wide range of packaging products including burger boxes, rectangular containers, salad bowls and soup containers. Other products could be added in the coming months.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Delivery Hero to bring sustainable, no-PFAS- added packaging to cities around the world,” said Ian Jacobson, President of Eco-Products. “At Eco-Products, we offer foodservice packaging that is compostable and made from renewable or recycled resources. We need more companies like Delivery Hero that are committed to using sustainable products that can be returned to the earth or made into something new.”

By incorporating innovative plant-based products into its business model, Delivery Hero is setting an example for the industry to invest in companies that can positively impact their supply chain.

“At Delivery Hero, we are always aiming higher and want to actively reduce our impact on the environment,” said Jeffrey Oatham, Director of CSR & Sustainability at Delivery Hero. “By making sustainable packaging accessible and economically feasible in our markets across four continents, we are creating an effective and scalable way to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions produced by the delivery industry.”